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Stretching Towards the Future

Valley Christian "Dream Team" Openings

After three incredible months at Whitmore Park for the Hope Awaken events, we are quickly approaching a return to church services on our campus and in our buildings. We want to be ready and completely prepared, as good stewards, of the mission God has called us all to complete. A healthy and mission-focused Church is not simply a pastor and a few staff members burning the candle at both ends to hold the church together. We have a healthy and mission-focused church only when many of our family members come together to find a role in building God's Kingdom to expand it here in our community, our nation, and our world. Please take a look at the list below to see where God is calling you to help us in waging our war against the devil and taking back what he's taken form us.

Children’s Team

Coordinate with Pastor Beverly to fill rolls on Sunday mornings [Children’s Church] and Wednesday evenings [Valley Kids Club]; classes include Nursery age, pre-K/K class, and 1st -6th grade (a separate 5th-6th grade class will be our future goal); become part of a yearly VBS team each summer. A chief requirement for working with children is that you are cheerful, happy, and have the joy of the Lord in you. It is Pastor Beverly’s goal to be able to have enough to be a One-Month-On/One-Month-Off team. We feel it’s important to be fed while feeding God’s smallest believers.

Worship Team

This is an area where we strive to constantly improve, not just “get by” or "wing it". You will be led by Worship Pastor Angela. Musicians should be able to take direction and work as a team, focusing on lifting praise to our God. We would love to have enough musicians to have substitutes for every role to enable our worship band members to take time off and participate in worship with the audience. Needs: Drummer/Percussionist; Bass Player; part-time Guitarist; other instruments are welcome to try-out!

Welcome Team

This team is responsible for setting up a “Welcome” pop-up tent each Sunday 30-45 minutes before Church Service begins. Derek Cowell is leading this team. The purpose of this is to help first -time visitors and newcomers to feel immediately welcome. Members of this team are outgoing, approachable, and willing to meet new people as the first representative of Valley Christian Center. You will also hand out Welcome Cards to all newcomers, as well as collect contact information (email or phone number) so that the pastoral staff can follow up later. We would like enough people to be able to switch off teams every other week/month.

Events and Celebration Team

Planning church celebrations and events for the upcoming year; working with the pastor for proper dates; in charge of set-up and securing volunteers to assist in set-up; work with the Social Media manager to announce; make phone calls to members to inform of events.

Social Media Team

Coordinate with the Pastor, Youth Director, and Events Team to announce and market Valley Christian Center on Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media Platforms.

Tech Team

This team will assist Patrick Bryan, Mark McCoy, and Josh Murphy in weekly operations of lighting, sound, and video presentation, as well as mid-week tweaking of the systems to improve the production of our Worship services.

Food Ministry

Also known as Loaves of Love, this team provides food for those in need every Wednesday and Thursday morning from 8am-9am. Alice Howard is currently leading this team during the COVID-19 outbreak. Areas where you can help are: pick-up of food from local grocery vendors the morning of; pre-clean and post-clean of the Family Center building; organizing food; set up and tear down of tables. Bi-lingual is a big plus as you can share the love of Jesus in the language of many who come each week.

Usher/Service Team

This team will serve several rolls. Patrick Bryan will coordinate the group. Responsibilities include: Helping attendees, especially newcomers, find a seat; assist with taking the offering each church service; help with communion (passing it out or holding trays for people to partake); assisting those who need special assistance getting in and out of their seats: escort parents with children to the nursery when it is needed.


Coordinating with Bill Burke, you will ensure the parking area is safe, and help us take other precautions to ensure safety. While we feel secure across the street from a Police Station, we still want to make sure each guest and their belongings are safe during each gathering.

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